Get Into Curved 144Hz Gaming for Under $200

Lenovo G-27x-10 Curved Gaming Monitor
(Image credit: Best Buy)

There are generally two approaches people take when buying new gaming monitors: You prioritize speed or you prioritize fidelity. If you’re like me and you fall into the latter camp, that makes displays like the 27-inch Lenovo G27c-10 ideal. Currently on sale $189.99 at Best Buy, which is down from its standard price of $220, this monitors two key features are its 144Hz refresh rate and curved form factor.

The Lenovo G27c-10 is a 27 inch curved gaming monitor that focuses on 1080p gaming at 144 fps. It also fights screen tearing with AMD FreeSync. In terms of build. the stand is adjustable and tiltable, and the monitor comes with both an HDMI connection and a DisplayPort connection. 

Lenovo G27c-10 gaming monitor: was $220, now $189.99 @ Best Buy

Lenovo G27c-10 gaming monitor: was $220, now $189.99 @ Best Buy
The Lenovo G27c-10 gaming monitor is a 27-incher that boasts a curved form factor and 144 Hz refresh rate. It has FHD resolution, is FreeSync-compatible and connects over both HDMI and DisplayPort

The Lenovo G27c-10 comes in cheaper than the current best budget monitor pick our Best Gaming Monitors list, while offering more screen space and an advertised equal brightness. It does, however, lack G-Sync for Nvidia graphics card owners and built-in speakers. And at this size, its 1500R curve will likely be less noticeable than it would be on a larger or ultra-wide screen.

If you are looking for 144 Hz gaming on a budget, however, the Lenovo G27c-10 is well-equipped.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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