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Everything From A Bugatti Veyron To A Hello Kitty Car At The Thailand International Motor Expo

Bangkok (Thailand) - An estimated 1.6 million visitors will gawk at very expensive cars, eye-searing color schemes and beautiful show girls at this year’s Thailand International Motor Expo held just north of Bangkok. The region’s second largest car show - just behind the Tokyo motor Show - hopes to slow the region’s slump in auto sales by adding some glitzy shows and great faces to the window shopping experience.

As far as new cars are concerned, the Thailand Motor Expo is a bit late in the game. Almost all of the new 2008 models have already been introduced at the major automobile shows - like the Los Angeles and Detroit motor shows - earlier in the year. But for Thais, the show gives regular folks a rare chance to see some vintage and modern super luxury cars.

One section of the show exhibited classic cars like the 1962 Ford Thunderbird with its massive 6700 cc engine. Next to the T-bird was the very European Mercedes-Benz 300 SL "Gullwing" from 1954. For those with more modern tastes, the $1.5 million dollar Bugatti Veyron was on display, flanked by almost a dozen show girls. This beast of a car could probably be classified more as an airplane than a car because it can reach 252 miles-per-hour and is claimed to be the fastest production car in existence.

Yearly sales of automobiles in Thailand have declined 5.7% due in large part to political instability caused by the military coup and high gasoline prices.

The 2007 Thailand Motor Expo runs until December 10 and is held at the IMPACT convention center 40 minutes north of Bangkok.