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Cars Add Wake-up Device For Drowsy Drivers

A woman driving on Interstate 25 near Denver, Colo. nodded off behind the wheel of her friend's SUV on the morning of Oct. 17. By the time she was stopped by police, the woman had covered 30 miles in her sleepy stupor. Along the way, she had endangered other motorists by drifting into their lanes and had even swerved in front of an 18-wheeler. The woman said she had slept only two hours the night before, according to an ABC News affiliate that broadcast video footage of the near-tragedy. She was also fighting the flu and was on her way to the doctor when the incident occurred.

To help avert such dangerous mishaps, automakers such as Saab and Volvo are planning to introduce safety systems that would warn drivers about their drowsiness. Drivers won't even have to realize they are sleepy - their cars will tell them.
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