Sunon: Fans and Blowers for Automotive Applications

If you think about it then this makes a lot of sense: fans and blowers can be found in all areas of our life. Engines have a large fan to make sure they don’t overheat, there are fans to ventilate your bathroom, fans are the backbone of every kitchen exhaust hood, and they’re increasingly being used in automotive applications.Besides the fact that fans are used for the ventilation and air conditioning of the passenger cabin, there are many other places where heat needs to be dissipated, e.g. the engine electronics, which nowadays is powered by processors not much less powerful than our PC hardware.

When we asked about more details about automotive applications, Sunon mentioned LED head lights as an example. Despite being very bright and energy-efficient, LEDs do get hot according to Sunon – hot enough to require active cooling. We haven’t seen a mass production car that would already be equipped with LED head lights, but this isn’t more than a few years away now.

Another example is the Mercedes SLK roader’s Air Scarf feature, which transports hot air up to an opening to warm your neck in cold winter days – should you decide to drive open despite cold weather. The firm is working with Mercedes, which currently purchases fans from the German company Papst. Sunon also intends to provide fans for the Mercedes S class, where seats are typically not only heated, but also ventilated. BMW is another of Sunon’s customers: The Bavarian car makers utilize Sunon fans for their engine control boxes (see image).