The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Foxconn TH-202 Electric Blue: Hellish Encounter

Visually, Foxconn did a good job with the Minotaur midi tower. The plastic front is in the form of a devilish beast, complete with red glowing eyes and two horns up the side - highly reminiscent of the game Diablo. The engineers at Foxconn really went to town on the design, but in their enthusiasm once again chose cheap plastic for the front panel. After opening and closing it several times, the thing fell off. Although it can easily be replaced, it shouldn't happen in the first place. If you fiddle around with USB devices a fair deal and always close the panel like you're supposed to, you'll quickly find that they skimped a bit here on their design work. Four folding feet (which would look better on a duck) give the case a stable foundation.

Hellboy was here; only the horns are longer on the TH202

In the box: lighting elements

Always the little things

Oral gratification? The front connectors are in the mouth

Siggy Moersch