The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Room For 11 Drives Total

You should be careful when installing the 5.25" drives. Behind the plastic front panels are pointed shielding plates, which are easy to snap out but razor-sharp - ouch! The mounting cage has room for a total of seven 3.5" drives including hard disks.

Room for 11 drives

One of two system fans is preinstalled

Careful when removing the shielding plates! They're razor-sharp.


  • Preinstalled 80mm fan
  • Integrated 420W power supply
  • Cheap ($60)


  • Sharp edges
  • No dust filter
  • Insubstantial front USB cover

Added bonus at no extra charge: 420W power supply

Siggy Moersch