The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Jeantech JNAF600 Visco: Aluminum Case With Strange Air Filters

One aluminum case that is made entirely without plastic is the JNAF600 from Jeantech. The two front panels designed to protect the drives and front connectors are made of lightweight aluminum, like the rest of the case. Behind the air grill, which shines blue when on, is a strange ventilation system. Jeantech itself refers to it as a "photocatalyst air fresher" cooling system. Two 80mm fans suck in air that is then passed to the Air Fresher for cleaning. Because unfiltered air can also get into the $200 case, this filter technology must be an early April Fool's prank. There is more than 1 cm of play between the filter and opening, making all of it rather pointless. In any event, the cooling aggregate hums away, something that is only amplified by the aluminum case. Although the noise level is scarcely audible, it is disagreeably noticeable.


The strange cooling system all in blue

Front panel: opening angle 200°

Noble even from behind

Siggy Moersch