The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Coms-Com CF-707: Lightweight Model

Regrettably, the CF-707 midi tower did not survive its epic journey from the Far East without a few knocks and scratches. But that didn't prevent us from including the case in this test. The midi tower is more plastic than metal, a fact quickly ascertained by a mere glance at the two front panels, both of which detached from the case easily enough with a sharp jolt. On closer inspection, we determined that several rivets that were meant to hold the case together had also departed this life. This is a case where we can say with all conviction: hands off! It would be nothing but trouble and the $60 just wasted money.

Looks noble, but first impressions can be deceptive

Front panel made of thin plastic

Ready for the scrap heap: this is where the riveting on the case burst

Interior: not much room for hardware


  • Lightweight


  • No way to install long PCI cards
  • No preinstalled system fan
  • Shaky front panels
  • Case does not stand up to loads

Do-it-yourself installation: fan and funnel included

Siggy Moersch