The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Features Table, Continued

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Manufacturer/ ModelSilverstone SST-TJ06Uneec 602 BLKXGBox Viper
Form factorMid-TowerMid-TowerMid-Tower
Weight24.25 lbs (11 kg)28.66 lbs (13 kg)16.76 lbs (7.6 kg)
Dimensions18.66" x 8.07" x 22.28"(474 x 205 x 566 mm)8.9" x 8.07" x 21.26"(480 x 205 x 540 mm)19.09" x 8.66" x 21.06"(485 x 220 x 535 mm)
Can be opened withScrewsThumb ScrewsScrews
Sensor (OPEN)yesnono
Appropriate motherboardsATX, µATX, Ext. ATXATX, µATXATX, µATX
Motherboard traynoyesno
Side of caseclosedclosedopen
Lightingnonoyes, light and display
Drive Bays
5.25"5 x5 x4 x
3.5", external access2 x2 x2 x
3.5", internal access6 x5 x5 x
HDD cagefixedfixedfixed
Drive cage rotated 90°yesyesno
Drive railsyesyesno
AGP/PCI expansion slots7 x7 x7 x
Front Connections
USB 2.04 x Typ A2 x Typ A2 x Typ A
FireWire 1394a1 x1 x1x
Audio1x Out, 1x In1x Out, 1x In1x Out, 1x In
System Fans
Drill holes / holders foroccupied2 x 80 mm2 x 80 mm
Pre-installed2 x 120 mm, 1 x 80 mmno1 x 80 mm
Speed signal cableyesnono
Dust filternonono
Hard Drive Fans
Drill holes / holders forno2 x 80 mmoccupied
Pre-installednono1 x 80 mm
Speed signal cablenonono
Dust filternonoxxxxx
Accessories Included
User manualyesyesyes
Mounting rails for drivesyesyesno
SpeakersyesnoRow 45 - Cell 3
Cable tiesnonoRow 46 - Cell 3
Accessories boxnonoRow 47 - Cell 3
ToolsnonoRow 48 - Cell 3
Othernono500 Watt power supply
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