The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Enermax: Milk-White Case

The Enermax midi tower astounded us as soon as we unpacked it. The case is milk-white in color, a choice that immediately set it apart from the other test candidates. The blue Enermax logo is on the front panel, glimmering through the transparent Plexiglas cover - self-advertisement in the truest sense of the word. If you don't want to permanently plug the case maker free of charge, you can change the picture. This is done by loosening a few screws on the rear of the front panel, allowing the Enermax CS335MW to be individually customized. If you don't like the light color of the case, you can also go for a black or silver model.

Below the front panel is a small display showing the internal case temperature. The integrated fan control can manage up to four internal fans simultaneously, and the front connections for USB, audio and FireWire are located behind a small plastic panel. This construction is a very shaky arrangement, however, and not likely to last. Once the retaining pins are broken, only an ugly piece of tape will keep the panel attached to the case. Why plastic is still used here is puzzling. It's probably meant to encourage you to buy a new case when another plastic panel bites the dust.

A different color for once: the CS335 in milk-white

Thankfully exchangeable: the advertising label on the front

The remaining drives are behind the plastic panel

Plastic junk: protective panel for the front connectors

Handle: off we go to the next LAN party

Siggy Moersch