The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Hard Drives Are Installed Vertically In The Case

With the SST-TJ06 you also have to get used to a new way of looking at things when installing the hard drives. The drives are vertically mounted in the cage and held in place with plastic clips, leaving plenty of room above the hard disk to later install a power unit. A 120mm or 140mm fan is advisable, as no separate cooling system is provided for the hard drives. With a little skill and a few zip ties, however, you can make up for the missing fan.

Vertical installation of up to six hard drives

The case-open sensor informs you if anyone tries to access your motherboard BIOS without authorization


  • Unique wind-tunnel cooling system
  • Lots of room for drives and hard drives
  • Preinstalled 120mm fan with rpm signal cable
  • Fully extensible interior
  • All expansion slots useable
  • Four front USB ports
  • Integrated open-case sensor
  • Filed case edges
  • Screwless bracket for expansion cards


  • Top 5.25" drive bay of limited use
  • No dust filter
  • No hard drive fan can be installed

Partially plastic: the guide rails

Siggy Moersch