The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Uneec 602BLK: The Best Of Many Worlds

You have to look twice at the Uneec midi tower (which is also marketed under the Chenming brand) to be sure that it’s not a Chieftech case : the similarity of design is amazing ! Well, so what if they copied a lot ? It wasn’t a bad idea. All’s fair in love and war, as they say, which in this case means money.

Behind the easy-to-open front panel there’s room to install five 5.25" and two 3.5" drives. The plastic covers are easily removed from the case, as are the shielding plates behind them. The shielding plates snap off in the right places, making a clean break with no sharp edges. The few remaining millimeters of metal present no danger and are tucked away in a 5mm groove.

Uneec also borrowed a lot from the competition for the case interior. A lot of what Antec pioneered a while back with its LANBoy case can now be found in the Uneec 602BLK. The space for installing hard drives is rotated outwards 90°, making them easier to install.

The design is reminiscent of a Chieftech case

Hidden in front : USB, FireWire and audio ports

The front and rear panels

Siggy Moersch