The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

No-frills Interior

Inside the case, there is nothing new or out of the ordinary. The mount for the drives is a built-in cage with space for four 5.25" and six 3.5" drives. Long PCI expansion cards cannot be used in this case. The 4-way fan control is stuck unceremoniously to floor of the case.

Room for four hard drives

The fan control regulates up to four system fans


  • Unusual design
  • Integrated 4-way fan control
  • Carrying handle
  • Exchangeable front picture
  • Guard for display and controls


  • No way to install long PCI cards
  • No preinstalled system fan
  • Shaky front panel

Alternative colors for the CS355

Siggy Moersch