The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

Upgradeable Interior

An inspection of the interior reveals the long frame rack used to install up to eleven total drives (four 5.25" and seven 3.5"). The case has a weak spot when it comes to PCI extension cards, however. If you use this case, you'll just have to do without them.

Be careful assembling the computer, as some of the edges are razor-sharp and represent the potential for injury. We found this was especially the case on the front panels for the 5.25" drives. There are three panels there that could compete with a straight razor! It is good to see that the $60 case includes a 350W power supply.

Loads of space for drives, but no support for long add-in cards


  • Built-in 350W power supply
  • Case with carrying handle
  • Room for seven 3.5" drives


  • Sharp case edges
  • No dust filter
  • No way to install long PCI cards

Health hazard: the front panels are arranged like a three-blade razor

Preinstalled 350W power supply

Siggy Moersch