The Antidote To Tedium: 11 Midi Tower Cases Bring Excitement to the Desktop

The Filter System Takes Up A Lot Of Space

You only find out how much room the ventilation system takes up when you open the case cover. To make room for enough hard drives in the midi tower, the holder for the 3.5" drives was moved to the back. This has a negative effect on extension slots on the mainboard to be fitted, however. Only the AGP slot or the first PCIe slot can be used for long cards. The other extension slots are blocked by the removable HDD cage.

The motherboard can also be installed outside the case, using a tray that is removed from the interior. This makes mounting the motherboard, cards and the rest of the hardware considerably easier. Once everything is on the tray, the whole thing can be pushed back into the case.

No support for long extension cards

Cooling system: space hog

Preinstalled: two system fans

Motherboard on tray: enables hardware assembly outside the case

Clean and individually packaged accessories


  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum case, no plastic parts
  • Motherboard assembly on tray
  • Filed case edges
  • Many front connectors


  • Off-putting humming of cooling components
  • No way to install long PCI cards
  • High price

Robust cage for the power supply

Siggy Moersch