Seven of NVIDIA's Latest and Greatest Cards Tested

Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX Turbo Force

Gigabyte's 7800 GTX exists in two versions; our test sample carries the internal model name GV-NX78X256VP-B. What sets it apart from Gigabyte's standard GTX is that it is guaranteed to run at higher clock speeds, and to designated this, Gigabyte's marketing division came up with the name "Turbo Force" for this series. The cooler consists of a fan, an integrated heatpipe and cooling fins. Two of the four memory modules are cooled by the fan's airflow. The two modules above the GPU are connected to the main heatsink by a heatpipe.

Feature Set

The card ships with a breakout box with HDTV component jacks and S-video output, two DVI-VGA adapters and an auxiliary power cable. Its bundle includes the software DVD player Power DVD 6 and a little breakout box with S-video in and outputs as well as an HDTV connector. It also sports two DVI-I connectors, giving users the choice of connecting either two (digital) TFT displays, two analog monitors (using the included adapters) or one of each.

Only Gigabyte's GTX card also featured S-video and composite inputs on the back of the breakout box. These are absent on the 6600GT and 7800GT cards.