Seven of NVIDIA's Latest and Greatest Cards Tested

Feature Set

eVGA's (currently white) box contained a cable splitter for Video-In and Video-Out connections as well as an HDTV connector. Y-power cables for the pump and the PCI-Express card as well as anti-corrosive fluid for the water cooler are also included. The card can drive two analog displays, two digital displays or one of each. The card's second DVI-I connector is also noteworthy; according to eVGA, it contains two TDMS transmitters. This allows output of up to 1920x1200 on digital displays, making the card an ideal companion for Apple's Cinema Display. #

The heat exchange takes place inside the radiator

Pump with red water reservoir


It's the Eheim pump on the eVGA's graphics card is very quiet. The radiator requires a 120mm fan, and worked without a problem with the 12V-to-7V adapter included in the package. Even at reduced speed, the huge fan is easily up to the task of cooling even this board, with its higher clock speeds, running at only 37.7 db(A).