Seven of NVIDIA's Latest and Greatest Cards Tested

Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GT

The 7800GT is available in several variations; the model we are testing here carries the rather cumbersome designation GV-NX78T256D-ZK, where ZK refers to the Zalman cooler it uses. Instead of the standard one-slot cooler found on other GT models, this card is cooled by an aluminum heatsink and an 80 mm fan. As such, the card takes up at least two slots. The memory chips are not covered by the heatsink and do not receive any kind of dedicated cooling.

Feature Set

Gigabyte has geared the feature set of its card towards video, so the card ships with the software DVD player Power DVD 6 and a little breakout box with an S-video output and an HDTV connector. It also sports two DVI-I connectors, giving users the choice of connecting either two (digital) TFT displays, two analog monitors (using the included adapters) or one of each type.

The card ships with a breakout box with HDTV component jacks and S-video output, two DVI-VGA adapters and an auxiliary power cable.