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All Of The Tech Is Under The Hood

2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition: The Gran Turismo Car

I think it probably goes without saying at this point, but Nissan put together an excellent sports car in the GT-R. It lacks a lot of the convenience-oriented technology we've grown accustomed to. But you don't buy a GT-R for things like adaptive cruise control. You buy it for all of the technology that goes into making a Nissan one of the fastest and best-handling cars available. That stuff's harder for us to test, but the mainstream automotive press has already dedicated tens of thousands of words to comparing Godzilla to formidable competition from England, Germany, and Italy. In most metrics, the Nissan wins.

Indeed, the GT-R lacks many of the features that Tom's Hardware readers might get most excited about. It doesn't almost drive itself, like the Infiniti JX35 we looked at previously. This car's engineering sweetness all happens under the hood. Its computers are constantly monitoring every aspect of the GT-R to ensure the perfect balance of performance and handling, set to your driving preference.

It's truly impressive how all of Nissan's efforts come together in such a wonderful driver's car. It's such a blast that it even scared us with available power and stable grip. It's so precise that you almost expect it to give suddenly when the laws of physics catch up to all of the forces keeping the GT-R planted. But it doesn't give. It just keeps going. We graciously admit this ride's capabilities exceed our driving abilities. A 3,800-pound object simply should not hold on around corners like this one does.

Nissan's investment into convenience shows up in the Performance and Vehicle Information Display. With the help of Polyphony Digital, the GT-R’s PVID sports gauges pulled straight from Gran Turismo 5. And they're not just for show; they convey lots of valuable information to track-bound enthusiasts.

The 2013 GT-R Black Edition is a fantastic sports car, period. It doesn't come loaded with frills, but Nissan designed this thing for automotive enthusiasts who want to drive and don't care about convenience extras. If you want a vehicle with ludicrous power and the technology to put it all to the asphalt, the GT-R could be your dream come true. Just be sure you have six figures to set aside on your next ride; Nissan wants somewhere around $110,000 for this car and its Black Edition package.

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