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Here's a 27-Inch 1440p Gaming Monitor at 144Hz for Just $215

(Image credit: NewEgg)

AXM, otherwise known as Axiom, isn't the most well-known brand in monitors, but its 2798 gaming monitor is now available as part of the best holiday tech deals with a sale on Newegg for just $215 (not that its original price of $250 was a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination). 

The display has a 27-inch TN panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, which is right in the sweet spot for gaming -- sharper than FHD, but not as ridiculously demanding as a 4K gaming monitor to run games on.

AXM 2798 - was $250, now $215 @ Newegg
At just $215, you won't find another gaming monitor of this size that has this resolution, refresh rate, and adaptive-sync. We're talking 27 inches at 1440p with a 144Hz refresh rate that's fit for even competitive gamers.
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Other specifications include a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, a brightness of 300 nits and FreeSync support for AMD graphics card users. Display inputs are handled by a pair of DisplayPort inputs and a pair of HDMI ports. Despite its price tag, the monitor comes with a stand that supports height adjustments as well as tilting, pivoting and swiveling.

Just be swift to get the deal: it expires at the end of the day. But if you happen to miss it, check out our list of the best PC monitor deals available now, which we update regularly.