Samsung 980 Pro, Fastest NVMe SSD, Now $119 for 500GB

Samsung 980 Pro SSD
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If you're building a new AMD system, chances are that you're itching to make good use of the PCI-Express 4.0 support for your storage subsystem. With that in mind, we've spotted one of the Best Cyber Monday SSD Deals on Samsung's 980 Pro, of which the 500GB variant is selling for just $120 on Amazon.

This drive uses TLC flash and Samsung's own in-house-designed controller (see our Samsung 980 Pro review), which leads to excellent performance with this 500 GB variant jotting down read speeds of up to 6900 MBps in sequential loads and write performance of up to 5000 MBps.

Samsung 980 Pro 500 GB PCIe 4.0 SSD: Was $150, Now $120

Samsung 980 Pro 500 GB PCIe 4.0 SSD: Was $150, Now $120
Samsung's 980 Pro is the Korean manufacturer's go at a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD to make use of the extreme bandwidth, and its 500 GB variant is now cheaper than ever.

Of course, for the same money, it's not difficult to find 1TB PCIe 3.0 SSDs, but these are about half as fast, so you'll have to decide for yourself what's more important to you. If you don't mind using two SSDs though, the vast majority of boards come with two or more M.2 slots, so you could opt to use this as your main drive with another for less important storage.

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