Curved 144Hz Samsung Monitor $50 Off at Newegg

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Black Friday is almost here, but it's already open season for deals on some of our favorite hardware. It's not always easy to determine when an offer is genuine, so we're compiling a list of the best deals on tech we can find.

We'll also be sharing at least one notable deal every day. Today's spotlight is reserved for the Samsung C24RG50 curved monitor. At $149, It's one of the best computer monitor deals we've found so far. Check out our Best Gaming Monitors of 2020 list to see how it stacks up against today's monitor market.

Samsung C24RG50 24" Curved Monitor: was $199, now $149 @Newegg

Samsung C24RG50 24" Curved Monitor: was $199, now $149 @Newegg
This curved Samsung monitor is available for $50 off when you use promo code SAMGAME36. It has an FHD @144Hz and spans 24-inches across.

This monitor doesn't have QHD or UHD resolution settings, but it does have a Full HD panel which measures up to 1920 x 1080. It's got a high refresh rate, too, reaching up to 144Hz.

One of the biggest features is the curved design. According to the specs, it has a curvature radius of 1800R. It also supports AMD FreeSync to reduce screen tearing. You can use multiple input options, including both HDMI and DisplayPort.

Visit the Samsung C24RG50 product page on Newegg for more details and checkout options. It's not clear for how long the current promo code will be valid.

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    This curved, FHD Samsung display is available for just $50 off at Newegg.

    Curved 144Hz Samsung Monitor $50 Off at Newegg : Read more
    Wow that's actually a nice deal.
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    heck of a deal if your in the market for a nice fast 1080p screen
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