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450 Watts For Real Men: Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLY


The idea of a performance display is nice, but it's also a superfluous gimmick because it's impossible (even during daylight) to read the analog needle properly. Boasting 80 cm, the cables in the Real Power power supply get the job done, even for a big tower chassis. The new-ish Molex connectors for hard drives or optical drives may not be all that new, but can be found in a power supply for the first time. The 120 mm fan, which glows in the dark quite nicely, boasts a noise level of just 25 dB (A), according to the manufacturer, meaning it is virtually silent.

Technical Data

Cooler Master Real Power 480 Watts
Safety normsactive PFC, CE, TÜV, CNS, cUL, Nemko
Overall performancemaximum 480 Watts
Protection mechanismsOVP, OCP, OTP, OLP, Short Protection
Max. Power load for exit ports+ 3.3 V @30 A+ 5 V @35 A+ 12 V @18A (1)+ 12 V @16A (2)- 12 V @1.0 A+ 5 Vsb @2.5 A
Fan1x 120mm, temperature regulated + illuminated
Connectors, Motherboard1x 24-pin, 1x 12V
Cable adapter1x 24 on 20-pin (Motherboard)
Connectors, drives7x peripheral connectors, 7x peripheral plugs 3.5 inches, 2x Serial-ATA
OtherDisplay for wattage