HTC's Profit Down 91.5% in Q1 2013; Samsung's Up By 53%

Not too long ago, HTC and Samsung could reasonably be considered to be Android's two heavyweights. Q1 2013's financial figures have made it obvious just how large the gap has become since then. While HTC's profits fell to just $2.85 million, a 91.5 percent drop from Q1 2012, Samsung estimates its operating profit to be $7.7 billion, a 53 percent increase from Q1 2012.

Though both companies will be releasing their respective flagship smartphones in April 2013, HTC has delayed the release of the One due to component shortages that have mostly been attributed to its "revolutionary new camera," a feature that Fudzilla remarked as being "apparently so revolutionary that it can't be built."

Fudzilla further commented that it seemed too late for HTC to rethink its marketing strategy and that the company "makes some brilliant phones, but it just can’t get its message across. Even if it gets its act together and boost marketing, it will never be able to match Samsung’s runaway marketing budget."

Samsung, on the other hand, is expected to see operating profits reach a new record high in Q2 2013. Because of its status as the world's largest supplier of memory chips and flat-panel TVs, Samsung doesn't foresee any major component shortages for the Galaxy S IV.

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  • TheBigTroll
    the new upcoming products espeically the HTC One should bring things around. id say its a much better option than the galaxy s4
  • edogawa
    91.5%...gasp that's bad, my phone is from HTC.
  • sacre
    1 product ruined it for me with HTC.

    Had an "HTC Touch" back in the day, it was slow, crappy, couldn't play games, tiny screen, the touchscreen wore out, it didn't work in the cold. It was just a piece of shit. On top of that it had a chip that was capable of higher resolutions and better framerates, but through software they limited the chip so they could release another version with the chip unlocked. There was a petition to unlock the chip in the Touch but it never happened.

    Ever since then I never went to HTC. Their phones may be good today, but this just goes to show that if you F up one product, you'll lose customers.