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Dell - Page 5


news - JUNE 13 0

Here's your daily dose of deals to make your Wednesday afternoon go by a little bit faster.

news - MAY 25 31

What's Dell got in the works for Windows 8?

news - MAY 8 15

A laptop for Linux lovers.

news - MAY 1 21

Dell is having trouble metting the high demand of its XPS 13 Ultrabook.

news - APRIL 25 25

Notebook makers are anticipating the launch of the next generation of Macbook Pros and apparently are planning their product strategy around Apple's success or failure.

news - APRIL 23 28

Golden Bridge Technologies (GBT), an intellectual property company focused on CDMA technologies, has launched a lawsuit claiming rights to an CDMA enhancement technology that is used in 3G and 4G networks.

news - APRIL 18 48

Though no official announcement, the Alienware M18X R2 gaming laptop specs have been leaked.

news - MARCH 26 52

It is a plot that we see several times every week.

reviews - FEBRUARY 22 42

In our first LCD round-up of the year, we put four monitors thorough our benchmark suite and find some surprising results. Even if you're an enthusiast with cash to spare, paying more doesn't guarantee a better...

news - FEBRUARY 3 62

Canalys is, as far as we know, the only major market research firm that has chosen to include tablet shipments in overall PC unit shipments.

news - JANUARY 18 88

Is it a new Alienware gaming console? No, but it will fit right in nicely with your PlayStation 3 and Xbxo 360, but packing superior hardware.

news - JANUARY 13 45

With a brutal fourth quarter, PC vendors concluded a tough year for the industry.

news - JANUARY 12 14

Dell has said that it plans to release a tablet before the year is out.

news - JANUARY 12 27

Dell's first Ultrabook, the XPS 13, nips in at just under $1000.

news - DECEMBER 20 18

Pegatron has reported an explosion at its Shanghai plant that has injured several employees.

news - DECEMBER 17 19

Dell has killed off its consumer-based "Mini" netbook line to focus on high-end notebooks and ultrabooks.

reviews - DECEMBER 16 36

Welcome to Part 2 of Tom's Hardware's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. This second installment is geared toward the folks who want to buy components that stand alone as respectable gifts--call them the add-ons to go...

news - DECEMBER 14 51

The latest Alienware gaming desktop starts at $2,199 USD featuring Intel's Core i7-3000 series CPUs.

news - DECEMBER 1 36

Ultrabook prices will begin to fall next quarter partially thanks to a $100 subsidy finally offered by Intel.

news - DECEMBER 1 14

Lenovo has become the world's second largest PC maker in the third quarter of this year.

news - NOVEMBER 29 53

Company says it never meant to mislead anyone.

news - NOVEMBER 29 36

The global supply for hard drives will fall 70 million units short of the 180 million needed in 4Q11.

reviews - NOVEMBER 4 93

Another batch of monitors just landed. This time, we're sampling 24" screens. If 27" is too big (and too expensive), and 23" is too small, this round-up is just what you need. We put three screens through the...

news - OCTOBER 17 25

A patent licensing company has hit Acer, Gateway, Acer as well as Dell with a patent infringement lawsuit that targets most of their product offerings.

news - OCTOBER 14 14

Lenovo is now the second-largest PC vendor in the worldwide market for the first time.

news - OCTOBER 6 14

Dell just launched a new super-thin laptop, the XPS 14z.