Honda Rolls Out New Zero-emission Car


Handa’s new zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell car rolled off a Japanese production line Monday and is headed to Southern California, where Hollywood is already abuzz over the latest splash in green motoring. The FCX Clarity, which runs on hydrogen and electricity, emits only water and none of the noxious fumes believed to induce global warming. It is also two times more energy efficient than a gas-electric hybrid and three times that of a standard gasoline-powered car, the company says.

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  • KyleSTL
    Handa, eh? I want one'a them!
  • KyleSTL
    Seriously though, even though the car emits no emission doesn't mean it's a zero-emissions system. How is the hydrogen generated? If it's anything other than solar cells, wind, nuclear, or miracle (you know, act of God) it emits by-products (nuclear have by-products, but that's not the same as the general public and the media consider 'emissions').

    I must say, though, it's 10,000,000 times better than another E85 car (which perpetuates the problem and creates other problems with it).
  • sajohnson22
    It isn't a nuclear reaction. The reaction is a chemical reaction using hydrogen and oxygen. It releases electrons which are stored and used to drive the car.