Aorus' 165Hz Curved HDR Gaming Monitor Is $120 Off

Aorus CV27F
(Image credit: Future)

The Aorus CV27F, a 165Hz curved HDR gaming monitor that debuted last year, is on sale at Newegg for the next 3 days. Newegg is temporarily dropping the speedy display's price from $350 to just $280 with an additional $50 off after rebate for a grand total of just $230.  

In our Aorus CV27F review, we praised the value it offered at about $300, and now that value-to-performance ratio just got better. This monitor offers the ability to play games at up to 165 frames per second with just 1ms of response time, along with FreeSync, unofficial G-Sync support and HDR that proved compatible with both in our testing. 

Aorus CV27F: was $350 now $230 at Newegg after rebate

Aorus CV27F: was $350 now $230 at Newegg after rebate  
This monitor gives competitive gamers the speed they expect at a fraction of the price. 165Hz is more than enough to keep up in most multiplayer games, while Freesync and unofficial G-Sync compatibility keep those extra frames from stuttering. HDR worked in either mode in our testing, helping colors pop and providing a detailed look at our surroundings. 

At less than a quarter of the price of more expensive options topping the best gaming monitors and best 4K gaming monitors lists, like the the Asus PG27UQ. This 1080p monitor doesn’t include features of the best HDR monitors, like a backlight with local dimming. But the speed is there, making it perfect for those prioritizing in-game performance over fidelity. Plus, it still offers immersive colors and views. 

Michelle Ehrhardt

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