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3dfx, Matrox and Nvidia take on the KryoTech Cool Athlon 800 MHz

3D Game Benchmark Results - Expendable 32Bit

At resolutions above 640x480 the G400MAX does extremely well in 32Bit modes. At 1600x1200x32 the G400MAX is almost able to average 30 frames per second! The Voodoo3 doesn't support 32bit color hence the 0.0 FPS scores.

3D Game Benchmark Results - Quake 2 AMD 3DNow! V3.20

Under Quake 2 for the Voodoo3 I renamed the 3DFX.DLL to OPENGL32.DLL in the in the Quake 2 game directory and selected 3DNow! OpenGL in the video settings. Doing this little trick allows the Voodoo3 to use its highly optimized Glide driver. Notice the huge lead the Voodoo3 3500 has over the competition at 640x480 resolutions, almost 10FPS faster! As for the rest of the resolutions the TNT2 and Voodoo3 run a very tight race. The lack of fully optimized OpenGL drivers is apparent given the G400MAX scores. Even though their drivers have been improved by about 25% in Quake 2 they still are significantly behind the competition at the lower resolutions.