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PQI I-Stick

Small And Light, Continued

The I-Sticks fulfill a very important criterion for today's data volumes, because the interface complies with the USB 2.0 standard, thus enabling decent data transfer rates of up to 480 MBit/s. The Flash memory used in all other memory sticks is not capable of such bandwidths. But the performance is still top notch: just under 8 MB/s read speed and around 7 MB/s write speeds are good results.

The access times depend on the storage capacity of the respective I-Stick. The 128 MB version allows faster access, since it has to search a smaller storage area. The I-Stick, like other comparable memory sticks, requires no special drivers with Windows ME, 2000, XP or 2003 as well as MAC OS 9 or later.

h2benchw Read (kB/s)MaxAvgMin
512 MB787878287804
128 MB787878647847
h2benchw Write (kB/s)MaxAvgMin
512 MB725170906974
128 MB729272657235
h2benchw Read Access Timems
512 MB0.8
128 MB0.5
h2benchw Write Access Timems
512 MB20.3
128 MB17.6

Conclusion: Mobility Rules

The I-Stick is fascinating above all thanks to its size and its unbeatably light weight of three grams. Its performance is respectable. However, we expect its diminutive design to command a premium price.