Google Announces New Note-taking App 'Google Keep'

Google has announced a brand new service designed to rival the likes of Evernote. Google Keep is a note-taking app that saves directly to Google Drive, Google's cloud storage service. Speaking via a blog posting today, Google said the app is designed so that users can quickly jot down ideas complete with checklists and photos. These notes will then be synched across all devices via Google Drive. Google Keep also supports dictation and will transcribe your memos for you as you talk.


This isn't the first we've heard of Google Keep. The service was leaked a few days ago via Google Drive. The Next Web reported on Monday that 'Keep' showed up as accessible in Google Drive for a short period and Android Police located source code for Keep within Google Drive this past weekend. Google confirmed the service today and released a demo video showing just what Keep is capable of. Check it out for yourself below.

Google Keep

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  • killabanks
    google i love you but why do you have to be so creepy store peoples every move on the "cloud" i bet it doesn't have an offline option
  • Envinyanta
    Sounds like Google's version of Evernote. Given that Google just terminated Reader (a service I use daily) I'm not sure I'm ready to commit more of my data (and time and energy) into another Google service that exists at the whim of Google. I used to like everything they did, but lately all that they're doing has made me think twice about using anything more from them, and I've started reconsidering other things I use them for.
  • soo-nah-mee
    Just downloaded it and I think its great. I may trade Evernote in for it.
    In my humble opinion, people are a bit too paranoid about storing information in the cloud. Especially when it comes to your little notes and honey-dew lists.