Report: Apple to Move Mac Mini Production to United States

A few weeks back, Apple's Tim Cook made headlines when he talked about making Macs in the United States. Traditionally put together in China, where labor is cheap, a select number of people that purchased a 2012 iMac were surprised to see their computer had been 'Assembled in the USA.' Tim Cook later confirmed that yes, Apple did have plans to manufacture one of its lines in the U.S. in 2013.

At the time, we assumed it was the iMac. After all, iMacs toting 'Assembled in the USA' stamps were already appearing at customers' doors. However, Digitimes this week reports that it's not the iMac that will be made in the USA next year. The publication cites sources from the upstream supply chain that say Apple is set to move its Mac mini production lines back to the U.S. Despite the new location, it seems Apple will be sticking with a manufacturer that it knows. According to Digitimes sources, Foxconn will be the company manufacturing these Mac minis. Digitimes reports that Foxconn will start recruiting workers for its new automated production lines in 2013.

What's not mentioned is which of Foxconn's 15 U.S. operating bases will be churning out these Mac minis. Regardless, the fact that the computers are being made in the USA is likely to give Apple reputation a bit of boost.

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  • jakes69
    they should move iphone production to the US. Mac Mini is probably the least popular product from Apple. This looks more a publicity stunt.
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  • mt2e
    FYI PNY 660 ti on newegg = $229 get em while their hot!!!! free shipping
  • halcyon
    Nice. Very nice. I'd like to see Dell and some other big manufacturers follow suite. Hate Apple all you want but at least they're doing something...and something is more than a lot of other large OEMs are doing.
  • mt2e
    Im trying to save yall damn money don't downvote my comment lol