Alienware Will Give You $200 For Your Gaming Console

Alienware wants your business and is even willing to take those silly used game consoles off your hands if that means the purchase of a new PC gaming rig. The company has launched a trade-in program that allows just that: trading in those devices for cash. What's the catch? You need to purchase an Alienware system first.

For starters, customers begin by finding out how much the device is actually worth. The company "Trade Up Portal" page even accepts Alienware desktops with an Intel Core processor minimum, and a long list of Alienware notebooks like the M11x R1 and the M11x R2. Consoles include the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and both versions of the PlayStation 3. Sorry, tablets do not appear to be part of the trade-in program.

According to the site, Alienware will provide $200 for a working Nintendo Wii, $200 for the "fat" PlayStation 3 with a 60 GB minimum, $200 for the "slim" PlayStation 3 with a 120 GB minimum, $200 for the "super slim" PlayStation 3 with a 500 GB minimum, and $200 for the Xbox 360 with a 250 GB minimum.

After determining how much will be given back, customers then purchase their Alienware PC like the X51 for a starting price of $699 USD. After that, visit the "Trade Up Portal" to provide a copy of the recent Alienware purchase invoice and bank information. Then print the shipping label and instructions to return the old device absolutely free with prepaid shipping.

"Once your trade in has arrived and been processed and verified, you'll receive cash via bank transfer for your system's value within 40 days. Create a Trade Up Account to track your trade in. It's that easy," the company states.

The company is taking hints from Microsoft, which is accepting used devices in return for cash back once a customer purchases a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablet. However, in Alienware's case, the company is looking to pull gamers away from the typical console bubble and give PC gaming a chance for relatively the same amount of cash after the device rebate is wired.

That said, buy a system now, and the money for that used system or console will be stuffed back into your bank account just in time for the holidays!

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  • icypyro
    Too bad Alienware is God-awful.
  • Pinhedd
    Anonymous said:
    Too bad Alienware is God-awful.

    Really? I wouldn't trade in my M17x R3 for anything but an M17x R4 or R5
  • Hydrotricithline
    Yeah I've had bad experiences with alienware. They shipped me a non-working laptop I bought from them that cost about 8000$ usd at the time of purchase with the options. Faulty drives.. some dead.. they replaced quickly.. loaded Warcraft 3 to play a 'dota' map couldn't make it over 18fps on the thing.. obviously either a hardware issues ect. long of the short, the product was defective as the 300$ laptop from walmart (toshiba satellite) blew it out of the water on legacy games. Either way after talking with their ceo (they have like 50 proxies for him) I ended up returning it with some 15% restocking fee. over a grand for a crap system that didn't work. I DO NOT suggest buying from these guys. Used the money and built a tower pc. works great 4 years later.