G.Skill Announces New SandForce-powered SSDs

G.Skill has revealed three new capacities to its Phoenix Pro series SSD in 40GB, 80GB and 160GB models.

The key magic behind these drives is the SandForce SF-1200 SSD controller that's been tuned for a 4k random write speed up to 50,000 IOPS.

"After impressing the G.Skill engineering team, the extremely high performance of the Phoenix Pro 40GB drives in RAID 0 offers the ultimate price : performance package, along with the additional benefits of SSDs." said Benson Chun, Senior Product Manager at G.Skill.

Curious to know how two Phoenix Pro 40GB drives perform in RAID 0? Check it:

Sadly, no pricing or availability yet, but hopefully that increasing competition between SandForce drives will help out the consumer.

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  • hemburger
    :O !!!
  • willgart
    not bad :)
    The new generation arrives and I hope this will reduce the prices
    also we have to wait to see the new generation from Intel and other companies to get a good picture of the performance we can get.
    But this start to become interesting...
  • Miharu
    Weak on write.
    But good product.