LaCie Shows Super Accurate IPS LCD Monitor

In a market ruled by budget LCD monitors running the cheapest TN panels, high-quality monitors that can please your eyes for all the hours of the day that you sit in front of it are ever more attractive.

LaCie is now offering one such high-quality monitor that caters to professionals demanding the best color. The LaCie 324i features a 10–bit P–IPS 24-inch LCD panel and has a gamut spectrum rated at 102% NTSC and 98% Adobe RGB. The display has a 178° viewing angle, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and anti–glare panel to block out reflections.

"For years, LaCie has designed monitors for digital artists who demand color precision," said Ahcene Tirane, LaCie Product Manager for Displays. "From concept to creation, LaCie developed the 324i with the highest level of color accuracy, and with a firm belief that when professionals have a tool that enhances their workflow, they can deliver their best work."

The 324i has a native 1920x1200 – for those of you who like wide, but not too wide – and it can be rotated 90° to Portrait mode. The multifunction stand glides effortlessly when raising, lowering, swiveling, tilting, or pivoting the display.

The LaCie 324i has four display and video inputs, making it compatible with most computers and video devices. Use DisplayPort or DVI–D for connecting the monitor to a computer and HDMI or component for video sources. The 324i also has three USB 2.0 ports for a convenient USB hub to your computer.

This display starts at the suggested retail price of $1249.

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  • xpsng
    Looks good... Feels good... but LOOK at that anti-glare bezel...
  • thesmokingman14
    Geez! At a price that big, you would think they would go the extra mile and get OLED panels. They offer faster response, better color saturation, brighter screens and infinitely better contrast. Plus, given the fact that this is for high-end clientele, the difference between $1250 and $2500 really is not that much of a stretch.
  • mayne92
    xpsngLooks good... Feels good... but LOOK at that anti-glare bezel...

    Yeah I hear you there...