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VGA Monitor Interface

PC Interfaces 101

VGA monitor port on a graphics card

Standard analog interfaces to connect a monitor to a PC using a 15-pin Mini-D-Sub connector, aka HD15. With the right adapter, you can also connect an analog monitor to a DVI-I (DVI-integrated) interface as well. The VGA connector carries RGB signals for red, green, and blue color values, as well as horizontal (H-Sync) and vertical (V-Sync) information.

VGA connector on a monitor cable

Newer graphics cards often include 2 DVI ports. But it's easy to use a DVI-VGA adapter to switch connections as needed (right in the picture).

This adapter configuration outputs VGA video signals


  • VGA = Video Graphics Array
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    Anonymous , July 23, 2012 11:45 PM
    All of the captions are attached to the wrong pictures.

    *PLEASE* leave a few blank lines between.