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Power Supplies - Page 3


Power supplies are responsible for feeding clean, stable juice to the sensitive components inside your PC. Calling it one of the most important components you'll buy is not an overstatement. The Tom's Hardware team can help you find the right PSU to keep your system running reliably all day long.

news - JUNE 8 6

FSP, the retail brand of PSU OEM Fortron Electronics, has launched a range of new 80 Plus Platinum PSUs.

news - JUNE 7 7

The Akasa CobraPower PSUs feature a partially modular design and will be available in 650 W, 750 W and 850 W variants.

news - JUNE 6 21

The Super Flower Leadex Platinum is a 1000 W fully modular PSU that is the first consumer grade PSU to achieve an 80 Plus Platinum certification.

news - JUNE 5 6

NZXT has announced two new power supplies that have a big feature set for a competitive price.

news - MAY 29 6

Cooler Master has given us a list of Haswell compatible power supplies, which it has assembled using its own testing methodology.

news - MAY 22 21

Fractal Design, Thermaltake, and Be Quiet! all release their list of Haswell compatible power supplies.

news - MAY 14 9

The EVGA SuperNova 1000 G2 was designed with "enthusiast needs in mind" and offers 1000 W of continuous power and up to 90 percent efficiency.

news - MAY 14 8

Seasonic announces which of its power supplies are Haswell-ready.

news - MAY 9 10

These power supplies are Haswell-ready, supporting C6/C7 low-power power CPU states.

news - MAY 2 4

Cougar has released three new power supplies aimed at the budget user.

news - MAY 1 5

Enermax has formally confirmed which of the company's PSUs are fully compatible with Intel's upcoming "Haswell" processors.

news - APRIL 30 37

Older or cheaper power supplies might have compatibility with the upcoming Haswell CPUs because they are too efficient.

news - APRIL 30 5

Nexus has released its RX-6500 power supply.

news - APRIL 27 6

Huntkey releases its new universal notebook adapter.

news - APRIL 24 6

Cooler Master’s V-Series PSUs will be available in 700 W, 850 W and 1000 W versions and offer a fully modular construction and 135 mm FDB fan.

news - APRIL 3 40

Cooler Master’s new range of entry-level power supply units feature a 120 mm cooling fan, an efficiency of 85 and are currently available in 500W, 600W and 700W variants

news - MARCH 11 18

Cooler Master shows off its new lineup of impressively equipped power supply units.

news - MARCH 10 28

The company's new PSU features fully modular cabling and a "silent" design.

news - MARCH 5 9

Chieftec has introduced a new lineup of PSUs that are intended to "Do The Job".

news - FEBRUARY 22 6

Enermax has announced a successor the the Modu82+ lineup of power supplies named the Triathlor FC.

news - FEBRUARY 12 13

Huntkey has announced two new power supplies that will make part of its new FX Series of PSUs.

news - FEBRUARY 8 2

FSP has released four new PSUs, two in the Raider lineup and two from the Aurum lineup.

reviews - FEBRUARY 6 64

A good power supply doesn't just provide you with ample output. Increasingly, vendors have put a bigger emphasis on delivering power more efficiently, too. We're testing five 80 PLUS Platinum-rated power...

news - JANUARY 27 25

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released its latest World Energy Outlook (WEO) right on the heels of reporting that North America is on its way to become energy self-sufficient within 25 years.

reviews - JANUARY 23 183

Do you think that all power supplies are manufactured by the brand on the label? Think again. We show what makes a good PSU and reveal who builds them. You can actually find lots of quality (instead of just...

news - JANUARY 19 18

Technology makes batteries bendable, as well as making the process in doing so more stable.

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