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Processors - Page 10


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - OCTOBER 8 13

Intel announced that it has added ten companies to its Intel Capital portfolio.

news - OCTOBER 8 14

Intel is apparently being blamed for a delay of Clover Trail Windows 8 tablets.

news - OCTOBER 8 38

In an announcement made at JavaOne, Oracle and AMD confirmed that the two companies have created an OpenJDK project with the goal to run the JVM on GPUs.

news - OCTOBER 5 37

AMD has posted a mysterious video as a teaser for an announcement to be made on October 9. Could it be Hondo?

news - OCTOBER 5 11

The Intel-powered Droid Razr i is finally available in the UK.

news - OCTOBER 4 93

Chips from chief rival AMD supposedly the option Apple may switch to.

news - OCTOBER 4 8

The representing body of the chip industry, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), reported a disappointing result for August 2012.

reviews - OCTOBER 2 140

We've been playing with AMD's Trinity APUs for four months, and they're just now being rolled out to the channel. This time, we take a look at the architecture's efficiency compared to a pair of Ivy...

news - SEPTEMBER 30 44

Australian researchers claim to have passed a significant milestone toward quantum computers as they said they were able to create the first qubit based on a single atom in silicon.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 16

Intel revealed a new SoC during a press event in San Francisco on Thursday.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 63

A report coming out of Taiwan suggests that the continued integration of new features in microprocessors will cause some motherboard makers to pull out of the market.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 17

AMD has added two ultra low power APUs to its A-series processor lineup.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 10

AMD has launched AppZone, a place where you can download the new BlueStacks Android emulator and other desktop software ideal for your AMD-based GPU and APU.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 3

Qualcomm has introduced two new quad-core Snapdragon SoCs for high-volume smartphones.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 27 100

Think you're pretty snazzy because your integrated graphics core plays mainstream games at 1280x720? We're on to bigger and better things, like modern titles at 1920x1080. Can AMD's Trinity architecture push...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 27 269

Desktop-bound Trinity APUs are shipping to OEMs, but they won't show up in the channel for months. Nevertheless, we got our hands on three upcoming models. How does Piledriver fare? What about VLIW4 graphics?...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 27 145

We update our first look at AMD's A6, A8, and A8 Trinity-based APUs with numbers from an A8-3870K, Core i3-2100, and Core i3-2105. The new results give us a much better idea of how the upcoming architecture...

news - SEPTEMBER 27 4

Intel has confirmed that it will be adding LTE support in future Atom smartphone SoCs.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 13

Texas Instruments is shifting its primary focus away from the mobile sector and navigating its OMAP line towards the embedded processing business (updated to reflect a response from TI).

news - SEPTEMBER 26 41

One of Intel's most popular platforms since the LGA 775 processors has now fully entered into its discontinuation phase, so let's bid farewell to Sandy Bridge.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 93

IBM has clarified the architecture of the Espresso processor in the upcoming Wii U console.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 9

Rather than just more raw performance, computers are likely to go down a path of much greater integration in the future.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 48

Developers still haven't figured out how to best utilize the Wii U's CPU, says Dynasty Warriors producer Akihiro Suzuki.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 123

Though the "official" release has not been made by AMD, it didn't stop the pricing and preorders from pop up on

news - SEPTEMBER 25 51

AMD's next-generation A-series APUs is geraing up for launch.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 28

Slowly but surely, there is more information about Apple's A6 SoC trickling down the pipe.