1440p Savings: BenQ's 144Hz 27-Inch Gaming Monitor Is $200 Off

BenQ EX2780Q
(Image credit: BenQ)

A 27-inch IPS panel with 1440p resolution and a 144 Hz refresh rate? It's the stuff of gaming nirvana, and if you can snag one for $200 off, that makes it worthy of the Best Tech Deals list. We give you the BenQ EX2780Q, which is on sale for $200 off for a total of $400 on Amazon. That's the lowest price we've ever seen for this display. 

In our hands-on with the BenQ EX2780Q, we were impressed with the audio performance offered by its two 2W speakers and single 5W subwoofer. It also boasts BenQ's HDRi technology, which detects the amount of light in the room, reads the content playing and alters brightness levels to make color more accurate. However, we didn't prefer this feature with darker scenes. 

BenQ EX2780Q gaming monitor: was $600, now $400 @ Amazon

BenQ EX2780Q gaming monitor: was $600, now $400 @ Amazon
A little bit of everything in a very attractive package - that's the BenQ EX2780Q. You get a 27-inch IPS panel, 144 Hz refresh rate, 1440p resolution and HDR for just $399. That's the lowest price we've seen for this display.

QHD resolution (2560 x 1440) is currently the sweet spot for the best gaming monitors in terms of balancing performance and detail. Sure, 4K gaming monitors will give you sharper detail, but you'll need a powerful graphics card to get smooth gameplay. It's the opposite with 1080p. But 1440p? It's the Goldilocks resolution for gamers.

Gaming-ready, this monitor boasts a 144 Hz refresh rate, plus AMD FreeSync for fighting screen tears. The EX2780Q also supports HDR games and other HDR content. However, it's limited to DisplayHDR 400 certification, whereas the best HDR monitors for gamers shoot for DisplayHDR 600 at least. The EX2780Q does support 95% of the DCI-P3 space, so there's wide gamut chops, at least.

All told, it's one heck of a high-end package for just $399. We want one. Badly.