LG's 27-Inch 4K Gaming Monitor Brings FreeSync Goodness for Only $350

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There are a few things that we can strive for, and owning a 4K gaming monitor with good specs to back it up is a milestone for many. Luckily, 4K displays have been coming down significantly, with lots of mid-budget options coming quite well-specced. One of those displays is LG's 27UL650-W, which is now on sale for $350 at Amazon. With the display debuting at $550 and selling for around $450-$480 in recent months, this one of the best tech deals today on a high-resolution monitor that's fit for casual gaming. 

The 27UL650-W doesn't compromise on specs either. It features an IPS panel said to cover 99% of the sRGB color space and also supports HDR content at a max brightness of 400 nits. That DisplayHDR 400 certification is VESA's lowest tier of HDR delivery, but it's still better than no HDR support at all. 

LG 27UL650-W 4K IPS monitor: was $550, now $350 @ Amazon

LG 27UL650-W 4K IPS monitor: was $550, now $350 @ Amazon
Down $200 from its original MSRP when it came out just over a year ago, this 27-inch monitor offers an IPS panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate, 5ms (GTG) response time and FreeSync, meaning it's fit for casual gaming. It can also display HDR, albeit only at up to 400 nits brightness. Still, this is the lowest price we've ever seen for this monitor. 

Gamers may be sad to hear that the monitor's refresh rate only goes up to 60 Hz with a 5ms (GtG) response time, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. For casual gaming, the monitor supports AMD FreeSync, and gaming at 4K already requires a decently beefy graphics card, and the requirements are even more demanding at higher refresh rates. 

With these specifications, this monitor should work well in the office or at home, as well as for occasionally firing up a game.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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