The Microsoft Modern Webcam is now Really Cheap — $28 off

Microsoft Modern Webcam
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The Microsoft Modern is one of the best webcams you can buy on a budget, beating out Logitech’s C920 with an arguably better picture and a definitively lower price. But with this discount, it’s an essential purchase for anyone looking to upgrade their webcam.

Right now, the Microsoft Modern Webcam is just $41.99 after a steep $28 price cut.

Microsoft Modern Webcam

Microsoft Modern Webcam: was $69.99, now $41.99 at Microsoft
Thanks to this $28 discount, you can now buy a 1080p webcam with HDR, a wide field of view, versatile stand/mounting system, accurate color and great detail for under fifty bucks. That’s truly modern value for money!

As you can read in our Microsoft Modern Webcam review, provided you can look past the weirdly obvious name, this is a seriously good option for meetings and video calls with an impressive build quality.

It provides good fidelity across a range of lighting conditions and gives you the option to switch on HDR, which is incredibly rare amongst cameras at this price. Plus, you get the benefit of additional security thanks to the integrated privacy shutter and LED usage indicator.

So, what are you waiting for? If your laptop has the webcam equivalent of a potato or you need a cheap and high quality option for your PC build, this is the deal to get.

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