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The BSA Rejects the Current Stop Online Piracy Act

In a blog post, BSA president and CEO Robert Holleyman wrote that SOPA "needs work" as the current proposal does not "balance key innovation, privacy and security considerations with the need to thwart the threat rogue websites pose." At this time BSA does not support SOPA, he wrote.

According to Holleyman, SOPA "could sweep in more than just truly egregious actors." He noted that the bill needs "definitions of who can be the subject of legal actions" as well as "narrow" and "tighter" descriptions of possible remedies. ... Due process, free speech, and privacy are rights that cannot be compromised. And the security of networks and communications is indispensable to a thriving Internet economy." He also objected any activities such as "filtering or monitoring the Internet".

Holleyman stressed that he believes the bill's "basic goals should be to promote creativity," while it also needs to deter "bad actors that profit from selling copies of software and other works they do not own."