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Battle of the Titans 2: Creative Labs's Annihilator 2 vs. Absolute Multimedia's Outrageous GeForce2 GTS

Contestant Overview

I've recompiled our comparison table to reflect all our reviewed boards.

ProductDefault Core/Memory Speed [MHz]Core/Memory Cooling?Video/DVIStreet Price
Absolute Multimedia GF2200/333Yes/YesNone$289
Creative Labs Annihilator 2200/333Yes/NoNone$289
AOpen PA-256 Pro200/333Yes/NoTV-out$379
Asus AGP-V7700 GeForce2 GTS Pure200/333Yes/NoNone$289
ELSA Gladiac 32 MB200/333Yes/NoOptional Video In/Out (module)$299
Gainward CARDExpert GF2200/400Yes/NoOptional$400
Guillemot Prophet II GTS 32 MB210/340Yes/YesTV-out$359
Leadtek WFGF2200/333Yes/NoTV-out$289

Keep in mind that the street prices of each product can vary from area to area and also may change by the time of publication.

Drivers - Absolute Multimedia GeForce2 GTS

The AMM GF2 drivers are repackaged reference drivers so we won't bother wasting our time showing you the basic set of windows. For many of you this is not such a big deal being that you'll probably load the reference drivers anyhow. If you're a big fan of custom driver software, the only thing AMM is offering over reference is the ability to overclock without having to load special registry entries to get to the "cool bits" options.