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The Die Has Been Cast: Pentium 4/2533 vs. Athlon XP 2100+

Office/Internet Performance: Sysmark 2002

We used BAPCO's latest SYSmark 2002, which was released only recently. It shows AMD processors in a worse light than SYSmark 2001 did and we are currently working on finding out why that is. Despite our doubt, we've used SYSmark 2002 to test all 29 processors on the different platforms. In all three areas, the P4/2533 is ahead of the AMD competition. In Office performance, the Pentium 4/2812 reaches a new top score of 190 points. Again, this shows that the adjustment to FSB and memory clocks help increase the performance of the P4 CPUs. All chips that are not yet available on the market are marked with grey bars.