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Digital TV: An Easygoing (R)evolution

Digital TV Add-on Services

Digital TV allows much more than just additional TV channels and better image and sound quality. It's also possible to transmit other digital data, assuming you have a adequate receiver. During our research for this article, we found a couple of very interesting possibilities for the future of digital TV.

Extra information on teams and players.

Detailed statistics to allow a better analysis of the match.

Simple games are included.

Here is the medals list during the Olympic Games.

In the USA, the broadcaster KET Digital plans to transmit additional public information via a service called "Datacast". The focus is currently on essential public information like an emergency information system. The goal is to get vital information like storm warnings or disaster warnings to the citizens very quickly.

KET has already begun demonstrations of such services through partnerships with the National Weather Service, the Kentucky State Police, the State Division of Disaster and Emergency Services, and other agencies. A full-time system of transmitting weather alert data via KET digital broadcast is slated to begin soon.