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Is the KuFormula VF1 Plus the Magic Bullet for Graphics Cooling?


The Sytrin Corporation doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition of brands like Zalman, Thermaltake or Arctic Cooling. If it keeps releasing products like the VF1 Plus, however, that will most certainly change. When a reasonably-priced VGA cooler like this one produces results this dramatic, people tend to take notice.

We would not have guessed that the VF1 Plus could lower temperatures over 45°F (25°C) from those of a stock card under load. At an MSRP of $38, the only question to ask yourself is whether the VF1 Plus is compatible with your current card. If it is not compatible, the second question to ask is if you're willing to mod it to make it work with your card.

Considering that a high-performance graphics card costs several hundred dollars, an investment of $38 seems pretty reasonable. This is particularly true if the investment has a very positive impact on thermals and acoustics at the same time. This product is a must-have for every enthusiast, whether or not you intend to overclock your graphics board.