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VMware Workstation 4: More Virtual PCs, More Functionality

The New Features Of Version 4

  1. Snapshots: you can save snapshots of your guest systems to restore them to previous states in no time. Great for those who runs potentially destructive tests or for testing viruses;
  2. Full debug support, both at a kernel and user level;
  3. Drag and Drop and Shared Folders: it is possible to share resources between the virtual machines and drag and drop files and folders between them;
  4. Tabbed interface, for faster switching between the virtual machines;
  5. Better video and sound: VMware emulates a SoundBlaster soundcard and a video card;
  6. Support to new operating systems: Windows Server 2003 and the latest Linux releases;
  7. New interface for the Linux version, more functional and usable.

Suse Linux 9.0 has identified our virtual SoundBlaster sound card