Solar Laptop Keyboard Saves 20 Percent Power

Solar-powered stuff is not always popular. Though it works for small stuff like calculators, anything bigger than that and people start to find instances where the fact that the device is solar-powered is a hindrance rather than an advantage. Case in point: when we talked about Logitech's solar-powered keyboard last week, many of you pointed out that gamers often like to play in the dark. Though a lot of people (I won't name names) seemed to have overlooked the fact that it can actually draw power from ambient light, we thought it was a clever solution for those with offices that don't get a lot of light and we're equally as excited by AUO's latest prototype which uses the same technology for laptop keyboards.

AUO recently introduced a 14-inch solar-powered touch keyboard solution for notebooks. By building a solar module into the laptop's lid and the keyboard itself, AUO says the laptop can absorb solar and electric light, lowering the laptop's usage of electrical power by as much as 20 percent.

Though there's not a lot of other information available (release date and price, please), Digitimes reports that the technology will make an appearance at FPD International 2010 on November 10. So, if you happen to be in Chiba, Japan, you might stop by and let us know what you think of this integrated solar-powered touch keyboard for laptops.

Source: Digitimes via Engadget

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  • bourgeoisdude
    WrongUsernameDoes the keyboard REALLY take up 20 percent of the laptops power usage? I doubt that.

    LMAO! Epic fail in reading comprehension!
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  • nforce4max
    Interesting now make solar chargers and other features to charge while not having to be plugged in.
  • Manos
    I'll be honestr and admit it sounds silly... But for some this might actually be usefull. Thing is, what if you also have your baterries recharged through solar energy while the laptop is even closed? I find it way easier to have that done instead of taking up space from the inner design of the laptop. Neither that convinient having the sun pointing on the keyboard which means you also get sunlight on the screen. I really dont enjoy light on my screens...
  • nukemaster
    With no tactile feedback(click or even having a button to push), I think I will never want to use that kind of keyboard. Put panels on the deck(bottom around the touchpad) and touchpad and everywhere else, but the keyboard it self. NO...please no....