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Best Extreme Graphics Cards: Over $800, And Multi-Card Configurations

Best Graphics Cards For The Money: July 2014

Honorable Mention:

More Honorable Mentions: Assorted Multi-Card Configurations

The Radeon R9 290 delivers such compelling frame rates that we find it hard to recommend multi-card configurations able to serve up better performance per dollar, since they sometimes suffer from inconsistent results in comparison to a graphics card with a single GPU.

We'll call out some of the most viable options though, mostly for folks with one of these cards already installed: two GeForce GTX 660s in SLI for $370, two GeForce GTX 760s in SLI for $500, two GeForce GTX 770s in SLI for $660, and finally, two Radeon R9 290s in CrossFire for $800.

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