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Innovatek Premium XXS: Installation, Continued

With the Innovatek kit, the hoses are affixed using a threaded connector made of metal. Apart from a pair of scissors to cut the hoses, you can mount them manually without tools. Don't worry, the screw joints are absolutely watertight. The pump can be mounted in the housing by means of four screws. In order to ensure that the vibrations of the pump are not transmitted to the housing the manufacturer encloses a decoupling set.

The radiator has a 120 mm fan. Unfortunately many tower cases do not offer adequate space for this inside. Given this the user must frequently resort to the optional radiator support system. However, in order to use this four holes have to be drilled into the housing. In order to guide the hoses to the inside of the housing Innovatek offers special slot coverings.

Radiator with Papst fan

All in blue: Innovatek hoses

The new hoses (left) are firmer and do not kink as easily as the old ones used to.