7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Innovatek Premium XXS: Installation - Filling In Seconds

Installing the XX-Flow water block is extremely easy. After applying the thermal paste, the XX-Flow is placed on the CPU and fixed with a holding clip. After locking the two Athlon64 or four Pentium 4 cogs and folding down a support, the cooler sits firmly on the CPU. It is not necessary to remove the motherboard or the retention module, although we recommend that you attach the hoses before installing the water block.

The shiny copper surface of the Innovatek water block

Sturdy clips for securing the cooler

The HPPS pump is based on the Eheim 1046 pump and was additionally fitted by Innovatek with a transformer circuit so that it can be connected directly to a Molex connector.

The HPPS pump is based on the Eheim 1046

Pump with AGO-O-Matic equalizing reservoir and 12 volt connection